Advantage Health Matters MAP - Master Amino Acid Pattern

-25 % Advantage Health Matters MAP - Master Amino Acid Pattern

Master AminosTM is a patented, 100% natural, dietary supplement containing the correct proportions of essential amino acids for human nutrition.

100% Digested - 100% Absorbed - 99% Utilized

Master Aminos has a protein nutritional value of 99%. This means that 99% of its amino acids are used as "building blocks" in the body to build protein. In comparison, only 18% (maximum) of the amino acids from any other amino acid formula can be used as "building blocks".


  • Master AminoTM can be absorbed in small intestine - in about 23 minutes.
  • Master AminoTM provides the lowest amount of - calories in comparison with any other dietary protein or amino acid formula. (Ten tablets release less than half a calorie.)
  • Master AminoTM contains no fat, sodium, sugar, yeast, -gluten, soy, corn, wheat, GMO, preservatives, dairy or animal products.
  • Master AminoTM releases the least amount of nitrogen waste (1%). (Excess nitrogen waste can stress liver and kidney functions.)
  • Master AminoTM has the highest protein nutritional - value (Net Nitrogen Utilization or NNU)


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