Cardio Strong FLW (Formula FLW )- 300 Tablets

Out Of Stock Cardio Strong FLW (Formula FLW )- 300 Tablets

Cardio Strong FLW (Formula F.L.W. By David Rowland)- 300 Tablets


Original Chelation Formula 

Formula F.L.W.: Vascular Cleansing (Oral Chelation) 

Dosage: Take 2 tablets daily as a vitamin-mineral supplement.

Contains no sugar, starch, colourings, flavourings, preservatives, milk, wheat, corn, gluten, soy or yeast.

Description: Formula F.L.W.: Vascular Cleansing (Oral Chelation)

Poorer circulation affects all of us as we age. Arterial blockages lead to reduced circulation, senility, strokes, heart attacks and underlie many other diseases. Heart disease is still our nations number one killer. Every year over 150,000 Canadians suffer heart attacks. For many people, the first heart attack is fatal. Do not take your body for granted.

There are many bodily signs that can warn us of poor circulation, including:

  • fingers and toes often go cold
  • arms and legs often 'go to sleep'
  • numbness or heaviness in arms and legs
  • cramps in hand when writing
  • tingling sensations in lips or fingers
  • ankles swell late in the day
  • short walk causes cramping or pains in the legs
  • persistent nagging cough
  • breathlessness on slight exertion or lying down
  • high blood pressure
  • memory not as good as it used to be
  • urinating more than twice during the night
  • whitish ring under the outer part of the cornea in the eye
  • chest pain after physical exertion or emotional stress
  • sharp diagonal creasein the earlobe

Once we are aware that we have a problem there are natural alternativces to turn to. F.L.W. is a nutritional supplement composed of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and glandular concentrates. Tests have shown that by supplying the body with proper nutrients in the right proportion the body is able to heal itself.

Over 100 nutritional studies have shown that the nutrients within F.L.W. help the body dissolve the fatty plaque on the artery wall, keep blood fats in solution, dilate blood vessels, neutralize and destroy free radicals, produce antioxidants to protect cellular membranes, lower blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels and remove heavy metals. It is surprising what kind of healing can happen in the body as circulation is restored. Even those who do not suffer from diagnosed circulatory problems have reported improved memory, more energy, warmer hands and feet, better vision, and they have a more youthful appearance.

If you are looking to improve your circulation you can join many other happy users by trying Formula F.L.W.

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