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Ayurveda Products
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Holy Basil Plus 500mg, 90 Vegetable Capsules

Sewanti Holy Basil Plus Sewanti Holy Basil Plus - NPN 80023212 Sewanti Holy Basil Plus..


Padmashri Baby Oil, 100mL

Baby Massage Oil Padmashri Baby Balance Massage oil has been formulated to support health a..


Padmashri Brahmi Tailam, 100mL

Brahmi Oil has a refreshing quality and a special effectiveness on excessive Pitta. Applied daily to..


Padmashri Dhanvavtara Oil, 100mL

Dhanvantara oil is a fragrant, earthy oil, containing 28 herbs and has a potent anti-oxidant effect...


Padmashri Gulguluthikthakam Oil, 100ML

Gulguluthikthakam taila is a classical herbal oil described in the famed Ayurvedic text called Ashta..


Padmashri Mahanarayana Taila, 100ML

Mahanarayana Taila is a variation on the classical Ayurvedic oil called Narayana Taila, named after ..


Padmashri Pitta Oil, 100mL

Cooling Pitta oil (Chandanadi Taila) Padmashri Pitta oil is prepared with Pitta-reducing he..


Padmashri Tridosha Oil, 100mL

Balancing Tridosha oil (Vata-Pitta-Kapha)   Padmashri Tridosha oil is a combinat..


Padmashri Vata Oil, 100ml

Nourishing Vata oil (Kottamchukadi Taila) Padmashri Vata oil is prepared with vata-..


Sewanti Balashwagandhadi Oil, 100mL

Bala-Ashwagandha-Lakshadi taila is a classical herbal oil mentioned in the Ayurvedic text the Sahasr..


Sewanti Diarid 500mg 90 Vegetable Capsules

Sewanti DiaridTM. Traditionally used to treat diabetes and associated complicati..


Sewanti Joint Flex, 450mg 90 Vegetable Capsules

Joint Flex TM is one of the new products in the Sewanti Ayurvedic Series, based on classical Ayurved..


Sewanti Kapha Oil, 100mL

Padmashri Kapha Oil (Karpuradi Taila) is prepared with Kapha-reducing herbs in a base of cold presse..


Stressnil, 90 Vegetable Capsules

Sewanti Stressnil is one of the new products in the Sewanti Ayurvedic Series, based on a classical A..


Triphala Plus, 90 Vegetable Capsules

Sewanti Triphala Plus is one of the new products in the Sewanti Ayurvedic SeriesTM, based on a 5000 ..