AOR Tri B12 Synergy, 60 Lozenges

AOR Tri B12 Synergy, 60 Lozenges
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  • Tri B12 Synergy is a combination of three independent and active forms of Vitamin B12. Methylcobalamin, hydroxocobalamin and adenosylcobalamin are three distinct cobalamin factors, each with their own unique benefits. When taken together, they provide an appropriate dose of bioavailable and active forms of B12
    for comprehensive support in replenishing a deficiency.

    • Megaloblastic anemia
    • Cognitive changes and dementia
    • Fatigue
    • Peripheral neuropathies: numbness tingling,
    • tremors
    • High levels of homocysteine
    • Depression and mood disturbances
    • Poor balance
    Dosage: 1 Sublingual Lozenge= 5mg

    Vitamin B12 5 mg
    Methylcobalamin 3.5 mg
    Hydroxocobalamin 1 mg
    Adenosylcobalamin .5 mg

    Caution: Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding or for use beyond 4 months


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